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Our mission is to help you scale through smart analytics.

We are a Mexican company leader in coordinating last mile deliveries, through state-of-the-art software developed by experts in service, business intelligence and logistics, a high performance, turnkey, secure and low cost solution.


With a current 1 million per month average.

Code Lines

By our wonderful programming team.

Tracked Kilometers

Throughout the Jelp SAD platform.

6 years
In Business

Successful track record even during covid

Our Story

A great story starts with a great team

We are committed to make your business more profitable, with an intelligent and tailored application that generates real-time indicators and digital tools for the flawless management of your delivery.

Our Team Members

The amazing team behind Tech

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Bianca Chavez

Frontend Engineer

One of the things that I love more of working at Jelp app is that everyone is kind and supportive. My main task is to create web interfaces, understanding the UI/UX Design and delivering a functional and quality project. Talking a little bit of my personal life, I like to run, CrossFit and dogs.

David Hernández

Project Lead - Mobile Software Engineer

Mobile App development. Feature design and Special Projects Development. Hobbies: Travel, play soccer and listen music.

David Martínez

Backend Software Engineer

I perform various activities from planning activities and tasks, implementation, development and coding of software, as well as testing and maintenance. Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies and eating.

Eduardo Martínez

Senior Designer

Design, Video Production, Photography. I like to search and listen to new music, Cooking and Watching series.

Eduardo Plascencia

Administrative & Logistic

Administrative & Logistic. I enjoy video games, supporting social causes and horse riding

Gladys Felix

Frontend Engineer

My main activities are software development, making mockups, maintaining and optimizing the system and end user interfaces. My hobbies are running, hiking and photography.

Gustavo Arroyo

Chief Operating Officer

COO en Jelp App

Iris Cervantes

Graphic Design (Internship)

My main task is social media content creation. My interests are typography and art, and I usually take hiking trips.

Ivan Ramírez

Customer Service Director

My collaboration within JELP consists of being a central node to process data and maintain complete visibility of all logistics control tower processes. In integration with customers, I provide them with the analysis for decision making that allows to visualize the business from end to end in real time.

Josué Uscanga

Software Developer

My main tasks are the development of new functionality inside different projects, server and database maintenance, and other variety of tasks inside Jelp App. I like to read different novels and mangas in my free time and also play strategy video games.

Juan José Gutiérrez

CEO & Founder

Juan is an Entrepreneur with nearly 15 years of experience in the Call Center industry and two successful exits. Fascinated by technology, He founded a SaaS company focused on last-mile logistics software (After hearing thousands of phone calls from customers complaining about the delivery experience) 100% bootstrap project. With the opening of telecommunications in Mexico, he founded a company focused on providing internet service in marginalized areas of the city of Tijuana, Mexico, high-speed fiber-optic internet, and this company does not stop growing!

Juana Rosas Guzmán

Quality Assurance and Training

Coordination of the courier services area, invoice support, customer training, technical support to customers, quality of applications, development of manuals. Hobbies: going to the movies, listening to music, reading and jogging.

Manuel Alanis

Frontend Software Engineer

Hello! My name is Manuel Alanis, I have been working at Jelp App, my main activities are focused on Frontend Projects and Workspaces Project. I am a fan of technology, photography and music. I’m also interested in running and movies.

Noe Arce

Graphic Designer

My job at Jelp is to use design as a powerful tool to imagine, communicate, inspire, and create. I'm a fan of bizarre shapes, colors, and surreal worlds. My hobbies are watching movies, music and video games.

Oscar Villaseñor

Project Manager

Hello! My name is Oscar Villaseñor and I work at Jelp App since February 2021, my main tasks are done in projects related to the restaurant sector, such as implementation of new technologies, supplier management, customer service. Jelp app is a company that has helped me grow professionally and personally, as it demands new challenges from me every day. In me, you will find a person you can rely on for any project.

Osiris López

Technology Research Lead, Full Stack Developer

Research on new technologies and project proposals, head of the drone project for B2B deliveries. Diving, playing video games and flying drones.

Ramón Loaiza

‍‍Backend Developer

Hi! My name is Ramon Loaiza, I started working at Jelp App in May 2021, my main tasks are building and maintaining APIs that allow customers to use Jelp's services and digital tools. I have encountered in Jelp the motivation to continue my professional grow and also, I like the professional environment and be part of the team in a great place to work. In relation to me, I like to play the violin, I enjoy playing chess, and when I have some spare time, I do sport.

Raúl Salazar

Integrations Developer

Add new suppliers and vendors of delivery services to SAD. Musician, historian, sociologist.

Salvador Barba

Chief Technology Officer

CTO en Jelp App

Virginia Brambila

Lead Backend Engineer

Hello! My name is Virginia, I am a backend engineer in the Jelp app. My main tasks are to write code, resolve issues, database administration, DevOps and manage communication with clients to identify their needs and requirements. My hobbies are watch series, play video games and draw.

Our Values

Strong values that bring great people together

Here at Jelp, we are driven by what matters the most.

Be Innovative

Always strive for the very best, while paying attention to every element in this fast-paced world, where innovation is a day-to-day norm, if we can't find an innnovation we must innovate ourselves.

Take Ownership

We are not a boosted company. We are pure mexican grit that seeks to take over the last mile logistics software market.

Team Work

Here at Jelp, team members are everything. We value each and every single collaborator in our business, this way, we can ensure that the work produced is top notch.

Move Fast

As the tech startup that we are, we can adapt and work at a pace that few others can. Be it for hundreds of your couriers or just a few, Jelp is ready to do what it takes, and do it quickly.

Our Offices

Our company is at two locations, come and visit us

Tijuana, BC, México

2715 Abelardo L. Rodríguez , Tijuana, CP 22040, BC, México.
+52 (664) 615-8505

San Diego, CA, USA

925 Hale PL, Suite A7, Chula Vista, 91914, CA, United States of America.
+1 (619) 332-2444

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