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The last mile delivery software in Mexico.

The last mile delivery software in Mexico.

60% of customers decide whether or not to buy from a supplier again, based on their delivery experience. 

In Mexico the on-demand delivery economy has existed for more than 30 years, for products ranging from gas tanks, bottled water, food, dry cleaning, to spare parts and hundreds of more items. But the methods of how these orders have been managed in all these years until today are exactly the same (phone, paper and pen) Nothing has changed or at least not in 99% of the products that are delivered on-demand in Mexico.

Currently, e-commerce is growing exponentially in Mexico. While online stores improve the user experience, coupled with the increased acceptance of electronic payments, a big problem remains: of the nearly 5 million SMEs in Mexico only 15% have a website and less than 1% have a mobile APP.

The new generations of consumers armed with smartphones and used to instant gratification, demand the immediacy of receiving good customer service when buying something from their mobile, always expecting to receive the same experience offered by companies like Uber. It doesn't matter if they are buying tacos from a local taqueria with their modest delivery team, they want to be able to track their order, pay with their mobile and rate their experience, demanding businesses to modernize or else die.

Here at Jelp App, based in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, we have designed the last mile logistics software platform, to help any company that has its own delivery equipment, from 1 motorcycle or car, to a fleet of hundreds of units that can offer its customers a 2018 Uber-like user experience, in a matter of hours at a low cost by providing:

  • Mobile App for the end user: order, real time tracking, credit card acceptance, 100% customized, whitelabel.
  • Courier App: GPS, delivery instructions, real time location, navigation.
  • Webpage: business key indicators, geolocalization, fleet management, heat maps.

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