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Discovering analytical method by Jelp Delivery

Discovering analytical method by Jelp Delivery

“What cannot be measured, cannot be improved", the famous phrase of William Thomson Kelvin (Lord Kelvin), British physicist and mathematician (1824-1907) is still valid in the 21st century. Measurement is  crucial  in day-to-day companies management; the manager of any type of organization  must know status of key parameters of his business. When it comes to last-mile deliveries, there are certain  indicators that allow planning, setting objectives, controlling operations, making decisions and monitoring results.

Despite the importance of measurement, it is not as frequent as it should be; in some cases this is because logistics software may not have implemented the measurements that are needed in some markets such as the “last mile delivery”,  and in other cases because the company does not track the status orders correctly.

A last mile order tracking software must provide us with relevant data, it can be difficult or even impossible to make  correct decisions without relevant and systematized information. How do we know the staff or delivery people needed for a particular service slot to perform its functions effectively and efficiently if we do not have available  information about the customers' production? How do we determine their productivity or time delivery ratios without enough  data? And the quality of their services? How do we plan if we do not know the current state of the organization?


The first step to properly manage the organization of a “last mile delivery company'' is to recognize the importance of measurement, establish the necessary indicators or KPIs, and make sure that all of them are correctly assembled within the information system or logistics software. In this way, it is not only possible to guarantee, but also the survival of the company itself.


Jelp App had this in mind before going to market, since its analytical module offers all the necessary indicators to develop the last mile delivery activity correctly. It not only focus on the usual data and ratios (delivery percentages, efficiencies, etc.), but it also contemplates the time from the moment puts a special focus on time, from the moment the customer places the order. To the time it is processed and communicated to the customer for the order to be prepared, the time spent for the driver to travel to the customer's establishment, the time it takes to leave, and the time it takes to make the actual delivery, it is also being controlled by the Jelp Delivery.


All the temporal process will be found in a dashboard, where we will be able to make the following temporal queries: 

Average delivery time: is the total time since the order is generated until  is delivered to the final customer.

  •  Acceptance time by delivery man: measures the time from  the order is generated until the delivery man accepts it.
  • Arrival time from delivery man to merchandise suppliers.
  • Assortmen time: The time it takes for the supplier to process and deliver the order to the delivery man.
  • Time of orders waiting in transit: The time waited for the delivery man in the branch office  for other pending orders to be delivered.
  • Transit time: calculates the time spent for the delivery person to arrive at the final customer's address. 
  • Delivery time on site: The time the delivery man waits in the customer address  to complete the delivery.

All the data of these variables are also graphically represented in Jelp Delivery, so that the control is visually very simple, which also helps in the detection of orders that are being "held" or other reasons, for which the delivery of the order is not within the time standards that we have assigned.

Let’s remember that Jelp App is a Mexican company, expert in last mile delivery software, which landed a few weeks ago in Spain and is a leader in the Mexican market.

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Salvador Barba

Chief Technology Officer

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