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SMEs urged to improve their last-mile deliveries.

Delivery fleets increased their demand as a result of changes in consumer behavior, SMEs had to adapt their traditional sales model to e-commerce.

SMEs urged to improve their last-mile deliveries

Mexico and the Latin American community are in a process of accelerated development towards a more consumerist society. More and more people are shopping online, in addition to traditional street shopping. That is why there are many e-commerce platforms that have made their way into Mexico, which not only means a fierce competition, but an increase in demand for online shopping. In 2020 e-commerce sales in Mexico grew by 81%, reaching a total of 316 billion pesos, according to the Mexican Association of Online Sales. In line with this fact, the ECOVID-IE survey performed by INEGI discovered many businesses had to change their sales funnels to e-commerce in order to survive.

However, with the growth of SMEs in e-commerce, the challenge now lies on the hands of those in charge of distributing and getting the product to every consumer's hands or consumtption center: Delivery teams.

Adjustments and implementation of tools

For last-mile software company Jelp App, the growth of SMEs in e-commerce accelerated their operations, they worked to adjust rates and processes with these new customers to move them up an efficient supply chain. Jelp App identified that the delivery platforms had high commissions, so they created a product at prices below the market average, thus offering the solution to digitize the processes of their customers who currently operate with a traditional system, such as paper records, spreadsheets and social networks for communication. Jelp App also offers affordable plans for small fleets that need an intelligent and efficient system to make last mile or parcel deliveries. Once the Jelp App technology is implemented in the operation of each fleet, it helps companies to improve their customers' experience with each of their products by planning automated routes, generating performance reports and controlling deliveries in real time.

Oscar Villaseñor

Project Manager

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