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Jelp App arrives in Spain

Jelp App arrives in Spain.

The Mexican company Jelp has launched its app in Spain where it plans to replicate its successful numbers it has been achieving for some years now in the Aztec country. Jelp app is a Mexican company leader in its country in regards of the coordination of last mile deliveries, through its own state-of-the-art software, developed by experts in transportation, logistics and artificial intelligence.  

The Jelp application solution is an application called "jelp delivery", a high-performance tool with maximum security, adaptability to the customer's environment and at a very low cost. This App was born from the need to digitize small and medium-sized companies in Mexico, with a clear focus on logistics management of the last-mile delivery which is a common problem in the vast majority of countries where e-commerce and delivery businesses  (food distribution, etc.) have been implemented.

The creation of Jelp Delivery meant an important change within the Mexican market since it incorporated a logistics software for last mile deliveries that improved the delivery processes of orders, allowed the tracking of shipments as well as the optimization of delivery routes.

The services offered by Jelp Delivery are currently being used in Mexico by companies from a wide range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, industrial, catering and telecommunications. With more than 5 million deliveries monitored through the platform, the company has set its sights on the Spanish market, where it’s believed that its platform and software for managing last mile deliveries has a long way to go. The objective of Jelp App in Spain is the same as the company had when it launched in the Mexican market: to place in the hands of companies, regardless of their size, a technologically advanced, scalable and economically highly attractive last mile delivery management software.

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