Jelp works with Borzo to form a strong alliance that will allow businesses to have deliveries under 60 minutes at low costs.

About Borzo

Borzo is a world leader in express delivery
Founded in Russia in 2012 with presence in 11 countries, including Brazil, Turkey, India, Philippines, among others. They arrived in Mexico City in May 2017. The following year they started operating in Guadalajara and Monterrey.
Borzo continuously develops algorithms to optimize the delivery route.  They consider: location, shipment characteristics, courier qualification and more, to ensure fast and safe delivery.

Their key  elements are:

  • High variety distribution capacity, ranging from motorcycles to minivans.
  • Prices starting from 30 mxn, apart from being up to 30% more cost efficient if there are several stops.
  • Real time tracking and top notch customer support

How can Brozo help you

They are aware of e-commerce and overall businesses needs in 2021 and moving foward.

This means that with Brozo as well as Jelp, you can empower your own business and seek to extend another sales funnel by offering efficient delivery at low cost.

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