You can now integrate online orders seamlessly with Deliverect and the Jelp API.

About Deliverect

Deliverect integrates all your online orders to your existing POS or our Delivery Manager app. Restaurants large and small rely on Deliverect to reduce failures and order mistakes while speeding up order preparation.

Their key elements are

  • Order management: aggregate all your online orders and synchronize them with your existing POS.
  • Menu & stock management: tools to keep better track of your stock.
  • Reporting dashboard: Know your business like never before thanks to our insightful analytics and reporting functions.

How can Deliverect help you

Improve your restaurant’s operational flow in the process and the ability to update all your online menus with just one click.

It doesn't matter if you are part of a chain of restaurants, an independent one, a dark kitchen or FMCG, gain insights and act on them.

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