For Restaurants

JungleWorks has been working with Jelp in order to provide marketplace options locally.

About Jungleworks

They are market leaders in delivering mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omni channel experience to their customers. The mission is to engineer and maximize mobile ROI. Their main goal is making on-demand business an easy approach for all

Their key elements are

  • Setup & Establish: Establish a powerful on-demand marketplace with a rock-solid foundation.
  • Take control: Transform your ideas of experience into reality with the best management tools.
  • Expand: Optimize growth and scale more efficiently to outperform your competitors.

How can Jungleworks help you

Give your brand the edge to stay current. Craft captivating online content for your audience on every platform possible.

Enhance your marketplace's user experience for both customers and admin users with more control over the look and feel.

For more information on this integration, contact support@jelp.io

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