Jelp and Rapiboy work together to easily track their orders and get there on time.

About Rapiboy

Rapiboy is a Parcel and courier deliveries as you have never experienced before, they specialize in being a last mile logistics platform that serves multiple kind of clientele, such as restaurants, supermarkets, e-commerce stores, and regular businesses.

Their key elements are:

  • They offer you the service that suits you best. Vehicles and modalities according to your needs.
  • Human customer care: A person will answer your questions during the operation.
  • Real-time tracking: Track your shipments as well as your customers.

How can Rapiboy help you

As as a business, you will be able to set deliveries in advance, meaning that you will not have to wait for an available driver.

As a driver, you will be able to see the minimum payment for a specific delivery, and can take on scheduled deliveries, plus you get an incentive if the destination exceeds the client's predetermined radius

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