Gustavo Arroyo

Chief Operating Officer

COO en Jelp App


Gustavo Arroyo

Gus is someone passionate about technology. He loves to travel and get to know different cultures and visualize new trends globally, mainly focusing on digital platforms. He has a taste for learning which allows him to constantly acquire new information, allowing him to master new skills and abilities to implement them in his daily and professional life.

His career began at the age of eighteen in the Contact Center industry. Where he obtained his first approach on understanding the relationship between a client’s needs, the effectiveness and comprehensive solutions. Thanks to his contributions in the improvement of processes, he served as a Training and Quality Manager. One of his great accomplishments was his participation as Auditor Leader for the ISO 27001 information security certification. 

His taste for technology and innovation encouraged him to confer his degree as a Bachelor of Business Administration. This allowed him to take the next step in the software development industry; “Jelp App ''. Within his first roles, Gus served as a project manager for different accounts in the food, pharmaceutical, LP Gas distributors, telecommunications, industries, among others. 

Thanks to the experience accumulated over the past eight years and his work effort, Gus currently works as the COO of Jelp App. He is responsible for the supervision of software for the implementation process and distribution, making sure everything operates perfectly.

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